When necessity meets curiosity and they are accompanied by passion and determination, the communique will only read thus: INNOVATION AND INVENTION. This is the best way to describe our emergence and involvement in natural health.

We are a fast growing natural health outfit driven with passion to inspire healthy generation by providing information, products and services that promotes healthy living. Our dynamic products and services have been able to help lots of people overcome life-threatening health challenges. We believe that a healthy diet and lifestyle can indeed help people regain and sustain their health. We are life savers!

We educate people especially on our close WhatsApp group in a weekly programme tagged “The Wellness Night Gist” which takes place every second Wednesday of the month. Every Wednesday also mean Wellnessday for our group members whereby they are encouraged to sacrifice that day to follow all healthy principles. We also educate people with articles on our blog, posts on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram); speak at seminars/events and also via our training programmes.

Our Commitment ...

We go Extra Mile to Get You Organic Products

Organic products are not easy to come by so we took it up on ourselves to provide healthier alternative products so people are not in dilemma of where to get the necessary needed products for their wellness. This we do by indepth research, production and packaging of healthier alternative products. We therefore, run a NATURAL HEALTH STORE which is a one-stop store for natural health products.

We Consult & Coach

We also consult and coach people to wellness via our 3-months therapeutic wellness programme which we call Healthy Empowerment Living Programme (H.E.L.P) whereby we adopt Food As Real Medicine (F.A.R.M). We test, guide and monitor the client for the period of the programme. The results recorded in this healing programme has been awesome and remarkable!


We are Leading You To Wellness

Natural health is not just trending, it is phenomenal and a great paradigm shift. World Health Organisation (WHO) has made it clear that most diseases/sicknesses killing and threatening the lives of millions of people are preventable and curable through diet and lifestyle change. WHO also said emphatically that the road to wellness is not in more DRUGS but in diet and lifestyle changes. We at EatToHealth are taking the #HealthyLiving campaign to everyone everywhere.

  • We run a natural health store where we sell natural health products and also consult for people with health challenges. You can walk into our store and have a nice shopping experience. Order can be placed via our website www.eattohealthnow.com.ng or via SMS/WhatsApp on 08022912018, 08038007596. We render home/office delivery services within Lagos and also do inter-state delivery services outside Lagos.
  • We run a factory where we research and produce natural health products.
  • We speak at seminars/events and also show up at exhibition programmes.
  • We organize seminars and trainings as well.
  • We also manage events by giving guests/invitees an unforgettable experience of natural healthier foods and drinks.
  • We passionately believe that you and your loved ones deserve good health!
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